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"Poor thing, she could have been so pretty, so thing. She could have been so smart, so rich. She could have been so loved so blessed..."* Poor thing indeed. She could have had everything. The best car, the nicest clothes, and any boy she wanted. Sadly this girl was a bad girl. She was conceited. She was mean to those who were "below her."

Unfortunatly for her the one guy she wants doesn't want her back.

She was mean to this guy. She cheated on him because he wouldn't answer her calls. The reason he didn't asnswer her calls was because he was kicked out of his house in the hot summer with a dead battery. When he was let back home, she snuck into his house and told his parents he got her pregnate even though she wasn't. Once he found a girl who liked him as much as he liked her, the bad girl harassed this new girl with lies about the boy until she coldn't take it any more and left him.

Now she thinks she has another chance with this guy.

She's wrong.

He doesn't like bad girls.

The moral of this story is simply this: Bad girls don't always get what they want. No matter what it looks like now, the bad girl is only getting a small taste of what she wishes she could have. In the end it's us, the good girls, who get the best husbands, the nice house, the better life.

For those wondering, this is in fact a very true story. The bad girl tried to move on and date other guys but they all used her. every week she gets her "heart broken" by another guy who "doesn't know what he had." The boy is madly in love with a kind, sweet, l***** girl he hopes to make his wife one day.

Bad girls aren't worth envying.

To all the good girls girls wondering why the bad girls get everything without trying when us good girls work so hard to get nothing, sit back and relax. The boys will learn that they don't like bad girls all that much and work their A$$3$ off to be worthy of you while the bad girls will end up in nothing but bad relationships for the rest of their lives
(*Princess Ai, Suicide Ride)

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