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You bleed love for me, so much for me
I bleed love for you, so worried, too
Always you ask me permission to leave
Always I tell you I'd rather not heave
To your wills of evasion, I don't want you there
I want you here and don't cry and don't fear
Not the worry of aimless or scream of the blameless
It isn't your fault, you're fine, just take heed
Of gifts and of blankets, of animals nameless
It's not those I am dying, but my need of you crying
And shunning itself so that I never hear
So I wake and I notice of nothing my dear
Not my love, not desire, just a broken empire
That you need to bring forth back to wake
And the longer I'm empty, I'll need you more deeply
Inclining me steeply and l***** me seemly
My darling, you've bled for my love
My darling, I'll bleed out for yours

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