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Years years ago
A pleasant summer evening it was indeed
One friendly boy, contact we gained oh yes..
Tent in summer evening, A caress here and a touch just there.
It seemed ok, suave movements.

And later well..
Father father we touched each other.
Check ups and a hospital night came.
Arrival of relief reached the groaning morning.
Still young and youthful. Understand what? No... what happened really?
I can't say, the echo of a social woman fair.

Not your fault, Not your fault

It is not your fault...

What? is my fault..

It faded into a confined and chained cauldron, iron lid firmly stuck with tar.

Adult and strong now. But no..
Something is holding me back
What is this..

A lesson and a revelation. Poff! Bamm!
A tainted past floats away, and emotions bears with rain
Can't take... take this now. It's in the past ain't it?
Given strength and comfort by one I can only feel and not see.
Forgiveness is tearing at the seams, yet now relief after bursting this bubble.

Is that why I came here? You gracious one sent me here?
To ease my mind and give me a new strength..

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Tags: deep, forgiveness, honesty, revelation, strength, understanding


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