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Near you, close to you, deep in you
I've finally gotten my calm to ensue
My clever minx, my playful mate
We'd never be to "normally" date
Though this is far, so far and cold
Yet meeting, naught is known or foretold
Least the moment, calmed and content
I need to be there or you here to be sent
Been lonely, broken, battered, and down
Same was for you until I came to town
Your friend as some omen, that you'd end with me
We'll probably never find him, stop waiting to see
Well my minx, my demonic jinx in slumber
One day I'll to wake you in some skimpy number
'Til then, my dearest Love, how now can I wake you?
Over-napping again, I'm not there to come take you
Sleep well, wake fine, when you're conscious, alert me
Until our touch, we've but no other port key

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