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Fragile Heart

Being friends is what we are,
when we are more will it still be this way,
Scared of being hurt by you,
worried you don't love me like i love you,
Beating slower,
pain so strong,
you speak so freely with me,
your words break me,
wishing we where more,
hating the thought of not being your one and only,
thoughts of others touching you,
hurts me,
my heart is breaking,
can you not see ?
my love for you is overwhelming,
i think about you every second of the day,
trying to keep my mind from racing,
constant thoughts of you,
dreams about you,
holding you is all i wish,

So far away from me,
cant you just be mine,
my heart sinks deeper,
reaching out,
will you grab for me,
or let me fall,
sleeping without you is getting harder,
i lay there and dream of you holding me,
dreaming about us,
you holding me,
while i drift off,
feeling safer then ever before,
my eyes open to see if your really there,
its empty,
my heart drops,
no longer beating,
i close my eyes once again,
trying to find you,
there you stand,
hand out waiting for mine,
i grab for it,
feeling safe once again,
but my dreams end,
i no longer feel safe,

i love the way you laugh,
i try to remember,
its nothing but a distant memory,
your voice echos in my mind,
missing you,
goodnight always means goodbye,
i don't want anymore goodbyes,
so hold me tight,
hold me close,
never let me go,
but most of all,
protect my heart,
in your hands its fragile.


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Tags: Poem, hurt, missing, pain


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Comment by Haunted Beauty on October 8, 2009 at 7:38pm
Thank you very much :) no your not alone at all !
Comment by Kurai Sumire on October 8, 2009 at 3:27am
Oh wow... it's really beautiful... And here I was, thinking I'm all alone in this world feeling just like this.

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