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O' Great Mother Hecate.
Please weaken the bonds from which I need to separate!
My Goddess Nyx.
Forgive me the problem that I must now fix!
Forbidden Maiden Artemis,
The gods soon shall know terror deeper than the Abyss.
Fearless Morrigan!
All of the gods shall lie dead by my hand.
The Goddess' shall again reign o'er their once sacred land.
The gods are a stain,
But fear not for even the immortals shall soon know pain.
All who listen, Hear me now!
Confuse not my message and, pray, ask me how.
All you who live by the Mother's gentle way,
The time has come to rise and come to Her aid!
The Mother's children and the Goddess' chosen.
Let my name bring all you gifted to arms under a new Coven!
Child of the Earth! Son of the Stars!
Birthed by Magick! Purest of Heart!
My truest of names, Darchael!
Slayer of all deities male!

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Tags: Goddess, poem, poetry, war


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