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Walking into the classroom, Mania seen a new student by Mrs. Freebottom’s desk, telling her his name and showing her his schedule, but Mania really didn’t care so she walked by and went to her seat. Sitting down in the her seat, which was in the last row second to the last seat, Mania was staring out the window onto Grand St. seeing those students running up the walk trying to make it into school right before the last bell rang. She giggled and thought how she used to do that everyday and got tired of getting into trouble.
The new kid with the shiny long black hair that falls perfectly on his shoulders, his eyes a light green that seems to glows just like hers, from what she heard but looking into the mirror she doesn’t think so. But his were mysterious and compelling, with a hint of sexiness. He walks past her and sits in the seat behind her.
Mrs. Freebottom walks to the front of the class and starts off with: “We have a new student who has transferred from Indianapolis, his name is Jared Typhus.” And started teaching the class.
Mania seen that every girls head turned towards the only empty seat in the class and seen Jared the heartthrob, but Mania didn’t but paid attention. Jared poked her in the shoulder to get her attention, and asked “Can you explain this for me?”
Mania turns around and explains how to do the math problem. She looks into his eyes and gets lost and when his hand b****** against hers it sent shock waves up and through her body and she blushed. Jared smiled, writing down what came into the equation next. Mania coached him through two more problems and the bell rang.
Mania got up, grabbed her stuff and started for the door. Jared did the same thing. Mania was walking to her locker when Jared showed up.
“Hey,” he said, “you want to go out some time.”
Mania looked at him and was about to laugh but she didn’t want to hurt him. She actually liked him and thought he was hot and exciting unlike her current boyfriend Mason. “Maybe” she said and walked away.
Jared was left there staring after her while every other girl around him seemed attracted to him but he didn’t care. He needed her and her only. He needed Mania and that was the only reason why he came to this god forsaken place in the first place. He needed her to help him restore power back into the Shadows.

Jared went to his next class which happened to be cooking and seen Mania already there and sitting in her seat waiting for the bell to ring. Jared flashed a smile to her while giving his schedule to the teacher who was staring at him with excitement, and thinking what kind of ways she could do with him in secret, which made her blush. Jared chuckle at the thought but went and sat behind Mania yet again.
Mania was pissed but couldn’t do really anything about it since basically every seat behind was empty in every single class. But this is what Jared wanted to get close to her and tell her the secrets that her mother has kept buried. Jared needed to do this to tell her but he could feel her powers increase by every single second. She is about to burst and make everyone go crazy, causing catastrophic danger to everyone.
He could tell that this was the girl that he was looking for since she had the hollowed out purple eyes that were very rare among the Shadow children. Jared needed to see her powers unleashed but the only way to do that is to get her angry and he really couldn’t do that, could he? He pondered about it while getting up and going to the assign stations for them to go and cook.
Mania looked at Jared and seen him go to Station two while she went to Station five. She was happy that he didn’t talk to her yet this hour. If he kept on talking to her, she would have probably told him yes that she wanted him, and needed him for her own sake. But she knew that she was stronger than that. Mania needed to see her boyfriend badly, but that was why she was going to that party today that his cousin is throwing down the block from the high school.
Mania worked on the dough for the cookies while everyone else was working on everything else. But Mania’s mind was pondering the thought of why she liked Jared so much?-why him?-why can’t she picture her boyfriend without seeing Jared’s face?-why?
She wasn’t paying attention that she made the dough so thin that it was barely a third of an inch she fused it back together and rolled it back out.
Afterward, Mania stared across the room and caught eye with Jared. Their eyes locked on to each other, while everyone around the room seemed to stop in motion while their minds seem to fuse into one, both of them sharing every single secret that they hold. Jared’s mind showed her the truth of the Shadows, and how she has these powers that could be trained. Mania’s mind showed him that she was an average girl that thinks she is in love with her boyfriend but now has feeling for him and how her mother is just he same as everyone else.
Mania blinked and everything went back to normal no one stood still any more, they went back into motion. She moved out the way and cleaned up. Jared started to do the same thing. Mania basically ran to her book bag and walked out of the room right when the bell ringed. She ran to her locker and than to her next period, swimming class. Thank God, she thought.

Walking out of the girl’s locker room, Mania just jumped into the pool and lost herself into the water. She thought about everything that just happened in cooking class while out beating everyone by minutes. The things she saw; how shadows can manipulate people and take over. That this world is a region of sanctuary for those people who can’t bother themselves with the troubles of that world anymore, the people seem perfect than it all went down hill with the new king took over and those who didn’t like him left and came to this world for security and a place to feel safe from those who took people away just cause they didn’t agree with the government. How can someone do that to those people?
Getting out of the pool, Coach Freemen came over to talk to Mania. “Mania wait,” she said, “you need to try out for the swim team sometime. You defeated the fastest lap. You demolished it actually, I didn’t even know you could do that and I had you my class for the past year now.”
Mania looked at her and said, “I don’t know, I’ll think about it.” And walked into the locker room to change clothing and leave for home since it was finally the end of the day, she was looking forward to the end but something bothered her on the inside that made this weird tickling feeling in her stomach. The Feeling felt like hatred mixed with anger mixed with unexplainable words that seemed to bubble up to the top and make her release everything she felt in a scream.
The scream was heard everywhere in the school, outside even, and this was set off everyone else’s emotions and attack someone next to them. The pool was filed with people getting drowned, the locker was having student bang other students heads into lockers, students in the hallway were doing the same thing as the students in the locker room except they were also fist fighting, books being thrown across the hall like foot balls, and the classes were being disrupt from student throwing desks, chairs at each other and students going threw windows.
Jared saw it first hand students fighting for the fun of it, teachers attacking each other or students, it was hell. Jared ran out into the hallway and down the hall to where the swimming pool was located at. He saw girls in towels, or in panties and bra’s fighting coming out of the girl locker room side. He didn’t care who saw him and entered the locker room. Seeing and listening at what is happening, is making him decide why he chose this mission. But he remembered that he did this for his people to get the real heir to the throne back to power and kick out that dictator, who thinks he’s God.
Sneaking around the obstacles of the locker room, Jared tracked Mania sitting in the showers with her bathing suit on crying while the shower stream is cascading over her. “Mania?” Jared breathed. She looked up and her eyes were glowing deep purple. The irises aflame from using her powers for the first time, Jared couldn’t believe it, but that saying was stuck in his is head: Seeing Is Believing. He bent down and lifted her up in his arms like carrying a baby. She laid her head down on his shoulder and went off into sleep world.

Waking up hours afterward, Mania felt like crap. She opened her eyes and seen that she was lying in a hospital room. White everywhere, it took over everything, white floors, white sheets, and a never-ending flow of white. Everywhere that Mania had looked where white. White ceiling, white tiles, white pillows, so much white, it made Mania feels crazy and insane. She looked towards the door and seen a person looking at her with hungry eyes that were red, deep red, the color of blood, but the person disappeared when she blinked.
Mania heard the click of footsteps coming down the hallway. Click, click, click of the shoes, Mania tried to move her arms but couldn’t; they were strapped to the bed. She screamed on top of her lungs, but this scream wasn’t as powerful as the last one, this one sounded pathetic and useless.
Nurses rush into the room. The same footsteps stay the same even steps and don’t hurry. The nurses try to hold down Mania’s l*** but they are futile. She screams even more but the doctor’s foot falls stay the same. The nurses scream for help but no doctor even came within this room, they just walked past it without even looking. One nurse ran out of the room and grabbed a doctor but the doctor shack the nurse of him and walked away.
The footsteps quicken now and paced into the room, seeing Mania kicking and screaming for help, for her mom, for savory, for anything. The doctor pulled out the big needle and jabbed it in her arm.
Mania felt a sharp pain but then started to see things going in and out of shape but than everyone and thing went blank, and a deep darkness came over her.

Jared felt total darkness creep up over him and felt sleepy, while driving his Mustang. He knew something wasn’t right, and Mania needed his help. He needed to get to her in a hurry and get her out of the hospital. He moved out of the way right before crashing into the car ahead of him. He did a u-turn and headed back to the hospital. He knew he couldn’t have let her stay with her mother. Her mother would have given the doctor some form of fairie dust to knock her out and make her feel weak without power.
Jared needed her tonight, needed to get her out but how? How could he do something like this? The mother could have put some invisible guards around the building to keep me away? That was a possibility, but would she? Would she think of that? The servant of the king of Shadows, the same servant that laid with him and left carrying the only heir out of the Shadows and into this world. Can she be that smart? Can she? This made him ponder even more, twisting and turning on different roads, trying not to get in an automobile accident. Jared came all this way for nothing. He pressed a little harder on the gas pedal and drove.
Pulling into the parking space, Jared felt the intensity of power overwhelming the hospital like a tsunami crashing into a small desert island. The force pushed him back a little but he a moved forward with indescribable speed that no human can reproduce. He raced the lane and jumped off the ledge and landed in a crouch like a cat. Moving faster, he ascended the hospital before any of the henchmen could see him, or hear the alarms go off.
Jared used glamour to make himself invisible for humans but not to the henchmen. He ran passed the nurses desk, while finding out the number of the room that Mania was staying in at the same time. Racing forward, a blue colored demon shot in front of him. Jared stopped suddenly with accuracy.
“Jared, it’s been too long,” it said. “But now it’s time for me to kill you. You’re not getting any closer to the boss’s daughter.”
Boss’ daughter? What?
Jared just stared at him and jumped. Hitting the floor, Jared looked around and seen the Blue-skinned demon laughing in front of him.
Disappearing and reappearing just a few feet away, it said, “Forgot that I’m a Spotter, little boy.” Laughing, it reappeared at Jared’s side and kicked him.
Jared falling and on the floor again, grunted and rolled over throwing a knife at the blue demon’s head; the blue demon didn’t see it and was t***** backward, sliding down the wall with a trial of blood following it down. Jared got to his feet and raced to Mania room.
Walking into her room, Jared saw the back of someone’s body. “Who are you?” he asked.
“I’m the one you’re supposed to be afraid of,” it spoke. “I’m her mother, Tantalize. The woman, who seductively got the king into bed and mated, creating this child with an amazing power unlike no other; I have the power to calm people, and make them do whatever I want. But this girl has the power to make everyone raving mad, creating catastrophic mayhem, unlike any world has seen.
“Now, who are you?”
Jared looked at her and seen the women in the painting next to the king in the main hall of the castle. “I’m Jared. I was sent here to collect Miss Mania and take her back to her home world, making her queen of her people.”
“No,” she said sharply. “No, never in my right mind would I ever let someone take my daughter back to that world of mayhem. Never. That is my answer. Never come back, or talk to my daughter ever again, Mr. Jared. I beg of you, you are the one that unlock the spell on her mind keeping her power contained yesterday. Her power is different and hard to control. I need you to leave and never look back. Please, leave before she wakes.”
He stepped forward but Tantalize turned to look at him. “Please,” she said grievingly with tears streaming down her checks. “I can’t even contain her power with my power. She is stronger than I.”
Jared nodded and left.

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Comment by Grey Wolf DarkHeart† on April 9, 2009 at 2:31am
keep it bup its aweome!!
Comment by Shannon on January 1, 2009 at 1:00pm
plz keep goin
Comment by missunderstood on December 31, 2008 at 2:14pm
u should rite a book with this plz continue
Comment by Simply Alice on December 31, 2008 at 10:22am
please keep going!!!!!!! its very good :) :)
Comment by Miska on December 31, 2008 at 9:15am
It' so nice. Plz continue!!!

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