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humm song i 'm listenign to while writing this is Welcoem home by Coheed and Cambria

the day is wasteing away, the sun drifting down to meet the earth, i watch as the last rays of the beautiful sun catch flame on the opens ground and almost look to have set the near by forest afire
but it's gone as soon as it came, the sun sinking down below the surface, i no loner see it
i look onto the wood, the dark gleaming forest. i run to it... straight into the dense trees and grass and bushes.
it's so dark now btu i can see i always can see.
i smell the air for the sent a priticular sent
one of the hunter
i used to be the hunted but NO MORE i'm done being hunted
done being searched for
done being used and abused adn hurt for other's p*******
i am what i am and i am strong
i will fight till my last breth leaves me then i'll still fight sfter death.... even when my soul withers away i'll fight it..untill i can seek reall peace
and i will get my peace it just may take some time
some fights some blood some more pain

i search the woods makeing use of my over active senses
i smell him
his vile smell fills my nose my ears hear his feet
the russle of his feet searchign for something, humm wht could he be looking for in these woods he knows it's my place my home why must he be so rude and blunt to invade it i thought we had aggreed when he told me he knew that he wouldn't search my home as long as i stay away from his
and i have
i never took a foot on that hethen's land
demon in human form i think he calls me the animal well at least i kill only when needed and not the innocent not the childeren not small beings of magic and power
i should hav cut his thoart in his sleep but... humm i don't know why i've thought about that much...maybe i...
i think that it's interesting to see wht he does next, wht he plans to catch me with
there has been times we both left each other almost to dealth and had to run to our homes...

(song changed to In the end by linkin park)

i don't know fully why i've never killed him but him being in my forest my woods my home it was to far
my temper flared thinking about him shuffling and walking on my soul and my plants and the animals i keep as my family

i jump and run up behind him my foot t******** up and hitting him in the back as a surprise he twirls around and looks at me surprised with a strange look on his face...
"wht, wht r u stareing at", ii yell my temper getting worse as i think about how he could have done anything to my home whilei was gone

"you...you're..in slippers??" he looks at me bilwildered
i look down at my feet and see my striped red white and black slippers
"your outfit is very..." he let that trail off
i look at myself for a second....
i look down and see my slippers then look at my gray tights with black ink on the back to look like laces, then my jeans cut into shorts and my brigth red shirt...i blushed case it showed off my chest to much for my likeing in front of someone.. the i think about my bandana the gray one with tribal desings on it, i look at him and growl lowly
"well so wht, this is wht i liek to wear at my HOME, you knwo the place i sit and relaxe"
he looks around at the forest the trees and then at a pond near by...
"well it doesn't look liek a home to me"
"IT'S MY HOME" i scream "this is not where i sleep but this is where i walk and play this is where i can be ME, u a**"
i glare at him my eyes flareing red
realizeing he's stepped any line we had he backed up quickly and hit his back into a tree
big mistake...my inner animal roars fro it's prey
that was one of the biggest mistakes he's made yet..
he knows not to act like prey around me it's the worse thing to do to make my inner monster come out

(song changed to Fully Alive by Flyleaf)

i pull back my monster, my couriousity getting me
why was he here we had a deal and hunters even one as stupid as he never go against their word unless another deal cuts one lose

(song changed to I will not Bow by Breaking benjamin)

i crouch and look at him with calculating eyes
"what are you doing here, i thought we had a deal"
his face becomes sober much quicker than i thought
"because another deal has cut this one...i'm in a bit of a jam"
"oh really now" i laugh
"wht more of a jam can u be in silly, u already truspassed on a very danergous land, my land" i growl the last part
"yes but it seems there's a demon interested in your skinny a**"
i glare at him, "quit that i'm not skinny i'm a hag a bitchy dangerous had with a demon inside me far for scarier than most"
"yes but u and i both know that going up agains ta full demon would be hard for one as..unquie as you"
he was talking about my...my...waekness. the friken weakness i hav...my emotional detatchment..i struggle to control myself most days..

(song:No jesus Christ by seether)

i shake my body tryign to not think of past"so wht does a higher level demon want with someone as trobled as i"
"i don't know but the way he almost slit my troat in my sleep tells me he wanted to hav my full dedication to wht he said"
i frezz the thought of my hunter dieing by anythers hands was infuriating
unezxceptable. if i needed to kill this a** h*** deamon myself to keep him off my hunter i would
cause the hunter is MY prey MINE and no one will take that from me
"well then we'll just hav to change that won't we"
he looked at me confused
"so comeone sinc eu have the guts to step on my home land wht were u sent here for?"
he looked away and swallowed...
i stare mesmerized by him
my hunter has never been this skiddish before wht ever that demon said and did it must not have been very plesent
"he said..." my hunter paused and he looked directly in my eyes
"h esiad he knows wht you did to her and he wants wht you hav, wht you took, and...he...he siad he wants you"
my body frezzes with his words and i......

ok people if anyone cares tell me i'll write more causei hav a whoel lot i could writ into this :)

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