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Where am I? A young girl muttered softly, slowly lifting her head. She could see a bright forest path. She rose slowly, and while her feet padded against the bright ground. Her clothes were no longer consisting of her nightgown, a gracious robe of midnight blue. Were now adoring her form, her feet now n**** against the ground. As she had reached a forest clearing veiled within the witching hour, the bright full moon played with her auburn hair.
And soon the young girl b****** away her bangs, sweeping her gaze over the clearing. The clearing was like most those in the forest, encircled with ancient oaks. And the moon shone her blessed rays across the large stone table. Single rays landed upon the triquetra symbol, in the middle of the stone table.
Without much delay the girl had begun to brush her hand against the cold rock. A heavy sigh escaped her lips, and suddenly the familiar roar of flames reached her ears. She whirled around in surprise, her tri coloured eyes landed on a group of people coming from the other side of the clearing. The red l****** flames creating silhouettes of dancing shadows among the leaves. Finally you arrived! An older woman yelled delightedly, the young girl tilted her head and replied dubiously.
What are you talking about? Soon she was ushered towards the stone table, first now she noticed the marked corners around the table. A small symbol that almost seemed like waves....No? She corrected herself, more similar to swirling winds. Take this...she looked to her left and saw a taller person with a more baritone voice, he held up a beautiful carved dagger. Its edge newly sharpened, the handle laden with sapphires and amber. But...she tried to say no that she could not take such a dagger.
The apparent man shook his head firmly and said. It’s yours now. Take it and get ready. She could not help but frown as the dagger was trusted into her hands. A s**** of power hit her body, her tri coloured eyes soon fell upon the group of people that had gathered around her. And three other people as well? They seemed to raise their own significant items towards the moon, she followed their movements and the wind swiftly curled around her midnight blue robes.
Just as she could feel the comfort of the gracious earth, the laughter of childish waters, and the dancing fierce warmth of the fire behind her. Synchronized with the other occupants of the table, they lifted their heads toward the star clad skies.
They uttered words she could not hear all of a sudden, soon the clearing disappeared. An annoying beep beep and a groan escaped her lips as her eyes wearily opened. And firmly glared at the blood red numbers, the night fading as a new dawn rose. Her eyes blinking over at the blinking alarm numbers. Turning her body slowly on her back and looked up at the sealing. Muttering with her right hand, on her forehead.....Such an odd dream...

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