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Drawings of your fantasy,
when you were a child...
Droplets of times extacy,
led you to the wild...

Too soon did you give up
Those drawings in clear blue
belong to dust and darkness now..

Your worried face
lost that grace..
She was taken,
ripped off willingly...

The echo of your voice,
on the wooden swing,
now dancing in the wind alone..

When you were a child...

I don't have a hand to hold now,
or a reason to stay up,
there's no circle in a lifetime,
that repeats your growing up...

Had i known then,
i'd dare to scream
with every breath in my lungs...
Until my lips would bleed and
my knees would bend,
the words would be young and everlasting...

Innocence won't visit anymore..
And responsibility and conscience?
Alas they are stronger than i want them to..


Drawings of your fantasy,
you shouldn't let them go...
And i shouldn't let you go...
When you were a child.

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