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So i haven't written a poem in a while and this one just came to me and it was full of emotions and hardship. Hope everyone likes it.

Ocean Air

Missing all that once came,
All is lost but some how the same
Feeling joyless once again
I look for comfort in the strangest place
How can I be so deluded to think everything would change
Did I miss the part where you promised to change
How did things get this way
Are we all walking in chains
Unable to see the light of day
Somehow you seemed to run away
But yet your back unchanged
False hope false love
Nothing can ever change this from what it is today
No trust no comfort
Just lost in a daze
How are we meant to change
When all seems like it's the same day
Day by day it seems to repeat it's self can we break free from our chains
Are we locked to this one day
When all went wrong and never became the same
Where did the happy days go
Are we stuck to wonder what will happen the next day
How long will it take
How much more can we take
Is this how each day was made
When did he lose faith in this day
Are we lost and unforgiven
Precious moments to the minimum
Dazed and confused
What is his excuse
How can we run with these wolves
Unable to see the truth
How long will it take
To fill this void of your mistakes
To many times I have heard these screams
To many times being frozen to my seat
Will we stand as one or fall as many
Or will this day torture us without it settling
Dust and dirt fly a muck Around our world
what have we done to be punished
Why can't we save ourselves
Constant snapping out our feet
Will we walk in fear or take the lead
How can one be so cruel
What have we done to be treated like fools
How many times can we watch this fool
Trip over your words
Trip over your feet
What a mess to create
What a disaster how can one devastate
Take your toll take your time
We have no where else to run
Dig us deeper and bury us alive
That's all your good for just one big lie
So lay us here to finally rest
What's done is done or is this a test
What kind of fool would allow such a pest
Leave us be what's with all this mess
Can't one be alone and finally rest
Let us breath let us unfreeze
Let's us finally walk free
Let all this pain finally be at ease
All this suffering for your own p*******
What kind of monster takes everyone's treasure
Walking on egg shells tip toeing around can't you see your hurting us
Selfish monster leave us be
Take your hands off of she
Don't come here to destroy us
We have already suffered enough from your torture
Stop this now before I scream
How many times have you been deceived
How long can we play this game
Unable to run unable to leave just stuck in this melody
When will god set us free
How much longer can we suffer now
To many ribbons to unravel now
Standing in a fog of disbelief
Counting back from ten to three
Motionless its hard to breath
The ocean crashes below my knee's
Wondering how this could be
Flickering hair blows across my face
Finally at ease with this certain place
Hard to walk hard to see
When did the sun leave me
Reach for a hand to be by my side
No longer wolves no longer hard to find
I reach for the sun to warm my heart
Laying in silence breathing deep
Feeling the sun warming up my skin
No harm can be done no hurt can be undone
Just resting unaware able to finally let done my hair
Able to hear myself think able to hear myself breath
This day may repeat its self but i finally know the sound of peace.

This poem has been Copyrighted ©
Do not attempt to use this as your own or steal it.
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Comment by Rodrigo Maharaja of Night on April 13, 2010 at 3:46am
His poems are simply beautiful parabens, creativity and inspiration
Comment by Haunted Beauty on January 29, 2010 at 9:43am
Thanks :)

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