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Pain 4 You!!! Secrets Of The Hidden (part 1)

Here’s how I died but didn’t die.
It was dark.
The traffic could be heard a mile away as well as the yelling of annoying and insecure teens that were drunk and or drinking.
The air was pure but the breeze made it very chilli.
I pulled my body warmers zip up as high as it would go.
“Where are they” I looked at my phone
I was in the Tesco’s car park. I was so board waiting that I left the car park and stood next to the main road hoping to see them sooner.
Twelve cars passed by. I took my phone out of my pocket and looked at the time.
“six o clock” I said to myself I hope he gets here soon is saw at least seven teens walking by on the other side of the road yelling and laughing, one of them threw an empty glass bottle to the floor and they all laughed at him as he made a strange noise.
I watched as they turned a corner and disappeared I heard five more smashes.
“Boys” I said to myself, someone behind grabbed me by the shoulders and spun me round.
“Hi” they yelled, I saw the face more clearly now.
“Patience why did you scare me like that” I snapped. I was a little on edge.
“Sorry” she said. Her breath smelt like garlic, I cov

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