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ok so lateley im pretty damn upset.
i hate being alone, it feels wrong because theres nobody to stick up or be there for you. everyone has someone and i guess im just not good enough for that kind of thing.
i was wondering wether or not i should just take a break from this place.. its like a bad habbit that i cant stop. it messes up lives and f**** people around.
i feel pretty damn unwanted too and im thinking that maybe i should just give up, be alone forever cos its easier than being hurt all the time and slowly loosing touch with the people that you love the most. theres plenty of time to waste on giving up. lifes short but so are relationships. so whats the point.
all it is, is hurting pain restriction and everything else.
so yeah.
comment if you want but nobody really reads these anyway so i guess im done.

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Comment by Jabba the hut (maddie)♥ on March 30, 2010 at 8:13pm
thankyou guys, means alot to me that people actually take note of stuff
i like poetry alot, one of my other blogs has alot of poetic sort of stuff in it
Comment by thecupcakenamed-Christine WillaA on March 29, 2010 at 6:56pm
....i really read it....i knwo i'm a random person but...giveing up isn't it....i...i know that sometimes u just wan tto giveup...but...u can't no it's not right...u got to fight...i know sometimes it feels as if u got nothign to fight for but ur alive that's worth fighting for....fight against the pain and saddness and loneliness.... even if u think u hav noone everyone can hav someone maybe not at one time but there is soemone there for soemone...like here...i'm a random person but i would care if anything happend to someone on here..cause nothing should happen like the s*** that does happen...people's live's hav become f***** up and people are lossing hope but we mustn't we need to fight...growl... teeth and nail..till we die... we need to smile on the worse of days and prove to wht ever if fuckking with you that u can take it....that u know u can always find someone and even if not ur strong enough to fight against anything....ehh idk if that's just a bunch of ramble to u...but to let u know there's people out there that care...even if u never meet them someone in the world would care about u if u talked to them..:)

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