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heres another umm,poem i guess i just now wrote,its untitled and the way i have been feeling more and more lately!!


You're eyes are wide
yet you can't see
All the hurt you've gave to me

I take it now
I took it then
You'll never know the pain I'm in

Your words they cut
my heart so deep
My mind cries out for peaceful sleep

I try to hide whats deep inside
your coldness shows
as my love grows

I can't get out
I try so hard to get away
but love is blind so i must stay

I'll take the hurt
I'll take the pain
Just so that I'm not alone again

And as these words
flow fast and true
my undying love will stay with you...

any suggestions for a title? i was thinking maybe 'desperation'? *sigh* i just write what i feel i dont know what to call it or how to categorize it...it's just....me.............

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Tags: Emotional, desperation, feelings, poem, true


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Comment by jamesatteb on April 8, 2010 at 12:32am
Thank you for the comments!! and I like that title!! bc she does have a fridgid one!! Thanks i will think on it ,and it does fit well too.
Comment by Sexxi_Mikki01 on March 30, 2010 at 4:48pm
wow that was awmazing

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