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WAY'S TO ANNOY YOUR PARENTS (well,it's really anyone, not just your parents, but, you get the point)

ways to annoy people/parents (are parents people? lolz haha)

* will probably annoy your parents/relatives more than anyone else

1) Every time someone says your name,say "moo"
2) Keep running into the walls
3)*Wear a sticker that says "Hello, I'm a retard"
4)*In public, yell, "No mum/dad, I am NOT going to make out with you!"
5) Follow them around everywhere
6) Tap on their door all night (works for any relative, I'd think)
7) At 4 am, open the bedroom door and YELL, "Good morning, sunshine!!!"
8) Pluck a strand of hair and yell, "DNA!!!!!!"
9)*Run round the house in your undies singing at the top of your voice (btw, girls that have a bustline might want a bra on as well lolz)
10)*Say wearing clothes is against your religion (if they ask what religion, say naturism and is they ask where you heard of it say in your head or something)
11)*Have 20 imaginary friends that you talk to ALL the time
12)*Jump off the roof, trying to fly (works best from a first story, or a second story balcony) CAUTION: may cause self damage
13)*Hold their hand and whisper, "I see dead people"
14) At everything they say, yell "LIAR!!" (usually shuts up people that don't shut up, like midgee / xXevil_midgetXx / anita)
15)*Try to swim in the floor
16) Pretend to have amnesia
17) sdrawkcab gnihtyreve yas (translation - say everything backwards)
18) Give yourself a swirly!
19)*Run round the house with a lampshade on your head yelling, "the sun, it's dying!!"
20) Snort loud when you laugh and laugh even harder
21)*Super glue your finger up your nose CAUTION: may cause a nosebleed when you take it out
22) Run in circles!
23) have nervous spasms at spontaneous times (not sure if I spelt that right, but meh)

(P.S. I found this all written down on some paper from a time I used txt language, dunno where it was all from, but no, I did NOT copy-paste it... I think thats kinda impossible to copy-paste handwritten stuff lolz)

OH OH and also:
24) If you want to annoy your teacher, keep calling him/her by their first name! or if they tell you to do something then say [male] yes ma'am [femal] yes sir

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Comment by Grey Wolf DarkHeart† on August 29, 2009 at 3:18am
Darkened Unfixable - MOST parents are too smart for that, and at first it will annoy them ;-)
and Butterfly Wings, wasn't that funny though?
OMG I couldn't imagine this - Mr Barbour CRYING!!!!!! lolz
Comment by Inzanity on August 28, 2009 at 8:12pm
_ I freaked out my teacher, he considered to get me a "shrink". He looked at me with sad eyes, and said My name XXXX Do you need help? He almost cried:s I Said no, but you do since you believed at all that crapxD
Comment by rorita rock on August 28, 2009 at 8:09am
haha awesome stuff
Comment by Anne on August 28, 2009 at 6:03am
nice.... i only say random things. And don't come out of my room and when i do I'll ask a random question and go back up. hehe i think my mom is starting to worry... NOW TO PHASE TWO... MUHAHAHA... i mean hi.

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