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i f****** love how much i seem to get heartbroken! it just makes me think.... is the juice worth the squeeze? (girl next door quote)
i feel really unwanted lately and i see this as a way of just letting it all out really sooooo where do i start
some people can be so two faced.
some people can so easy to love.
some people can hurt easy.
some people are just lovely.
and some people. the majority of people just dont give a f***.
this is what amuses me. but what amuses me more is that people pretend like they dont give a f*** when they blatently do. what makes me laugh is the people who cant accept you and pretend your like hell in human form. what makes me ROFL is people who are jealous of s*** that doesent even matter and wont get over something that happened a long time ago.
incase you couldnt tell,
im really pissed off and upset right now which makes me laugh too cos of how often ive found myself in exactly the same position which makes me mad and pissed ALOT recently. but its ok because each time it happens the less it hurts.

The higher i climb with this ladder of unreal fantasies, the more it hurts when i slip, make a wrong move or dont act soon enough and fall all the way down back to earth......
the harder i hit my head, the more used to it my head gets till eventually all the tiny little stupid brain cells in my brain give up and the feelings of pain i get when i hit the floor just.... dont hurt anymore

lol. i gave up on that stupid pain. it can go screw itself.
next time im hurt ill just laugh and pretend its all a dream.

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