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Why Does He Want Me? (Self Ramblings)

He has potential
Where I have none
He once had an Elder
When I've never had one
He's stuck on me, thinking he's lucked out
Poor thing doesn't realize I'm nothing more than waste
I'm full of penalties and immense doubt
Poor thing, willing to do anything just for a taste

At times I like his l*****, need it to a point of illness
At times I feel guilty beyond anything I've known
I'm tricking him against my will
Helpless and useless to wake him
He's bonded to me... restraining his possibilities greatly
Refusing to go on without me by his side...
I'm loved by an academic who once had knowledge otherworldly
I'm loved by a knave to the world of Earth
Is he losing at this game we live amongst?
I want him to be happy, content... But...
He could excel so much more without me holding him...
He just doesn't see... doesn't understand...
My dearest, poor, Love... What is the matter with you?
Can you not see I'm worthless to you?
Or are you secretly tormenting me intentionally...
Knowing I will see you this way...
Looking up to you and trying to make myself worth it...
But I continue to fail... I've failed all of my s***** life...
I should die, but I'm locked live, knowing you claim to follow
I want you to live so much... and everything has it's price...
My Love, my sweet... It burns me wretchedly...
You scorch me with the pain of your affections...
Why the agony, Love? Why do you keep me?

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