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At 11:33pm on April 17, 2011, MyEyesHurt said…
I am alive that is for sure and omg!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDD
It's been like forever!
I am good :)
How have you been? huh huh :DDD
Hope super swell
At 4:49am on February 19, 2011, Trinidi Bloombird said…
yeah i guess
At 9:57pm on January 2, 2011, Crash 'n Burn Baby said…



At 10:27pm on December 17, 2010, MyEyesHurt said…

Give yourself a vacation. The holidays are coming and you sound like well deserve it :) I will, after being scolding myself this past time, I been off the wall and I will do my thang like Kid N Play- Rolling With the Kid N Play :PP Are you set and ready for Christmas next week? Ha, I have my gift underneatht the tree, its a small box...I think its a box of tic tacs :PP

At 5:27pm on November 19, 2010, Moonlightrose05 said…
Hey. Thought I would stop by and say hey. that i just love ur Profile Page! Its like Wow. Lol. :) Well I hope you have a wondeful dayh and weekdend! Ttul
At 1:18am on November 13, 2010, MyEyesHurt said…
Im truly sorry for not keeping to update with you, I should have been more atentive and again, im sorry.
Why is that Dani? I wouldn't want you to think there isn't anyone out there thinking of you because just like anyone else, you too deserve some time for yourself. Just enough to regain your strength to take the world again :)
Thankies, just thinking about I am bit scare moving to big avenues. Only because I don't want to leave behind things, but than again I can always remember like this old abandoned warehouse we rock out. it looks like its falling apart, but i love it. This place will be demo soon, so I can't expect to last, but I wish it did last :) Are you working dreams live as well Dani :)
At 12:11am on November 11, 2010, MyEyesHurt said…
Of course^^
I'll be the most lame friend if I didn't recognize you at all :)
That is true, I can only guess you have so much going on its nearly impossible to have time for yourself, am I correct? :)
Hang in there and always make time for yourself to enjoy yourself. After a hard work, you too deserve to play right? :)
Aw, thanks, everything is fine. Besides constant day dreamiing, hint hint, Im in Wuv with Amii! :PP Haha Life is kicking off pretty radical. I been connecting with a few musicians lately like Joey and Micheal Vampire. My main purpose is to learn as much as I can and take them with me when I am really ready to start performing at live shows besides garage concerts :PP
At 10:35pm on November 8, 2010, MyEyesHurt said…
Heya Dani
Its been a while :) How's it been and everything else?
I hope you are found well and doing great.
Besides kicking it, I have been doing fine,
More happy, more alive than before :DDDDDDDDDDD
At 6:44pm on September 28, 2010, Sarah said…
heya hunny how have you been? im sorry i haven't been online much :( summer is over now though, so i should be getting back into some routine, and i'll get talking to ya soon! :D
At 10:11pm on August 13, 2010, MyEyesHurt said…
Wow, sounds like you been through alot if I may say. Swimming is sweet^^ Happy Late Birthday, now can I give ya your birthday punches? :PPP just joking.

I am somewhat fine. a lil down, but I'll be mkay. I did some shopping today :)

Thank you, your very kind and your my besties too, honestly. :) Thank you for being a great friend. :)
At 11:42pm on August 8, 2010, MyEyesHurt said…
I deepy apologize for my late response :( How are you and summer? I miss you too and I want to let you know you are not forgotten, I truly apologize again.
At 9:23pm on May 1, 2010, MyEyesHurt said…
I know I am not the greatest person,but I truly apologize for my late reply with all sincerety. I had been fine, mostly more guitar and song writing. Its all for a guitar contest. How have you been and all. I truly hope you are well honestly
At 7:51pm on April 24, 2010, CHARLIE said…

I forgot to write. Haven't wrote in a long time (sorry for that). Been busy with university and studying and in a few weeks will be taking my exams. I am scared, but hopefully I will do well.

Charlie Gold
At 7:56pm on February 22, 2010, MyEyesHurt said…
Why not so good? I can understand if its too personal. Just smile and hold strong.

I am good, a bit concern on whats wrong with you now.
At 7:29pm on February 22, 2010, MyEyesHurt said…
My bad for my replyness. My page has a tiny glitch, but its working fine now. How are you?
At 10:09am on February 22, 2010, Elle Exstacy said…
i guess so :) so how did the project go?
At 3:47am on February 12, 2010, Rain Drop said…
ok! ^^
Thanks, it's been fun. And that's cool!!
At 2:38am on February 10, 2010, Rain Drop said…
Hey, sorry I haven't been on in Forever!!
Actually, I'm a Freshman in college xD
At 10:13am on February 9, 2010, Elle Exstacy said…
haha i love science! i want to be a forensic scientist one day :)
At 10:06am on February 8, 2010, Elle Exstacy said…
nothing much really. just buzzin around :) you?

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